Who Is Our Service Used By?

HR Teams

We free up your time and allow you to focus on your people which is what you do best. We remove the headaches that are associated with recruitment whilst streamlining your processes and saving you money on your budgets.

Hiring Managers

We work as an extension of your existing teams and support with administration tasks including advertising job adverts and sourcing candidates on CV databases. Because we work with over 100 UK job boards it means our clients can remove this from their budgets. We also have ATS systems and Multi Posting Software that clients can also take advantage of.

Business Owners

We remove your need to hire internal recruiters and work hand in hand with your HR teams to ensure everything recruitment wise is covered. Business owners are saving £1000’s in recruitment costs and get to spend more time to focus on running their business.


Chimera is one of the UK’s largest job networks with over 100,000 live jobs at any one time. Our job board covers all job industries, at all levels and in all locations of the UK. So whether you are a recent graduate looking for your first career move or an experienced professional looking for that next great role, we have got you covered!



Looking For A Resourcing Partner?

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